Rapidly increasing need for mobility and correspondingly tighter SWaP (Size, Weight and Power) requirements have created demand for lightweight payloads.

Trend of migration to higher frequencies as EM spectrum gets crowded, makes this miniaturization task even harder and more expensive. Imposed by the inevitable budget cuts due to global economic uncertainty, cost of the systems is another major concern, however.

To provide you the optimum solution in this trade-off, we offer compact, small, lightweight systems that utilize highly parallel and power aware designs.

SAR/GMTI Payload for Mini UAVs

In June 2012, SPRA Defense & Aerospace was awarded an R&D grant from Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology for developing a small, lightweight Synthetic Aperture Radar/Ground Moving Target Indicator Radar system.

Radar is intended for use as payload on mini-tactical UAVs, as well as MALE UAVs and other manned platforms. Given strict SWaP requirements, designs is mobility oriented.

Design specifications of the system are;

- 15 cm image resolution
- Up to 3 km range
- Weight less than 5 kg
- Power dissipation less than 80 W

Design phase of the project is to be completed on July 2013.

As of January 2013, current progress is ahead of project schedule and early flight test campaigns are arranged at March 2013.


Electronic Warfare Payloads

Network Centric Warfare doctrine requires collaboration and information sharing. Highly mobile EW sensors are needed now more than ever.

We aim to provide payloads that can serve in many scenarios and scalable down to tactical level. To learn more about our offered solutions please send us your needs and requirements.


Avionics and Telemetry

Operations in densely populated urban environments need situational awareness with critical accuracy.

We could offer sense-and-avoid systems that can detect buildings and other blocking elements on the flight route, even power lines. Landing assistant radar for helicopters and UAVs eliminates the effects of environmental disturbances and helps the pilot /operator to land safely.

Sensors for telemetric measurements could also be produced on demand for non-destructive remote sensing & measurement tasks like tank level measurement or debris detection on runways.

Please share your specific needs with us.



Introducing a new product has its risks. Return on investment in innovation declines as development time goes by, with every design iteration.

We can help you reduce time to market by rapidly producing proof-of-concept of your design ideas. Please take a look at our business model.

We also provide consulting services for design, simulation and integration phases of RF/MW/mm-wave and digital designs at system and/or subsystem levels.

For detailed information, please contact us.