SPRA Defense & Aerospace was founded in June 2012 and awarded a contract from Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, for design of a lightweight SAR/GMTI system.

With the mission of getting our customers one step ahead, we set sail to be an agile and efficient R&D company.

Cultivating innovation through evergreen design approaches adopted and harnessing customer needs, we've been working hard to pursue this ultimate goal.

From emerging materials to theoretical advancements, sustained investment in know-how in many areas enables us to offer the most with cutting edge technology.

Beyond expertise on certain technical areas and applications, we excel in providing state-of-the-art solutions to our customers at affordable prices.

Our business model is optimised for rapid prototyping and ease of integration with customer's systems.

Test & measurement services are procured from research institutions and universities, so costs and risks associated with ownership and operations are minimized. Together with competitive prices obtainted from component and manufacturing suppliers, we are able to offer low cost solutions.

Design data are managed with ERP system and design documents are auto-generated when needed. Seamless integration with customer's quality management system is possible this way, whether it is a widely adopted general format like ISO 9001, or aerospace specific format like AS9100.

Automated and data driven management of otherwise time consuming routine project tasks makes in-house operations fully effective and completely focused on value creation.